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Reversible Flip Rings

Reversible Flip Rings

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GASP FAN FAVE! Less than 5 left in stock!

Trendy Smiley Face Ring!

These reversible silicone rings feature a cute happy face graphic on a double sided flippable ring band! 

Flip Rings are medical grade silicone, hypo-allergenic, ultra-comfortable, practically indestructible and won't rub off on your skin or clothes.

Like a modern day mood rings, these reversible Flip Rings feature a smiley face on one side and sad face on the other!

Weight: Incredibly light.

Width: 6mm.

Thickness: 2mm.

Reversible Flip Rings are one size.

They are designed to fit snug but will stretch and conform to your finger.

Technically speaking they are a size 7 (17.2mm diameter) which is the average women's ring size in the U.S. 

The perfect gift your teens! These reversible flip rings are very popular among middle and high school girls!

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