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Heirloom Candle

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Heirloom scented candle blends bright orange zest with fresh, earthy tomato leaves, calming jasmine, and citrusy bergamot.

Think the scent of crisp earthy Autumn mixed with tomato harvest season, but make it luxurious and intoxicating.

Hand Poured Coconut + Soy Wax

Crackling Wood Wick

Phthalate Free fragrance

8 oz

50+ hour burn time

Vegan + Cruelty-free

Dallas, TX

Candle Care Instructions - Always trim your wick to 1/8 inch - For optimal performance, burn your candle for 3-4 hours the first time your burn it. - Never burn a candle unattended. Do not burn on or near anything flammable. - Never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours without trimming the wick. - Keep candle clear of debris - Place on temperature safe surface away from drafts before burning - Do not handle the vessel while candle is burning or shortly after extinguished as the vessel will be hot. - Keep out of reach of children and pets
Made in United States